Operation Kitchen Makeover

Operation Kitchen Makeover
The modern kitchen traces its roots to the invention of the stove, along with the technological advancements made in the areas of plumbing and piping systems which made water accessible inside the house. An open fire used to be the only means by which food could be cooked before the stove was invented in the 18th century. Food heating technology improved further in the 19th century, which contributed to the evolution of the modern kitchen as we know it today.

The kitchen is an important part of our house. Even the most beautiful house with the most luxurious furniture and fixtures and the most modern appliances would look dreadful if it has a hideous kitchen. Hideousness does not only pertain to the visual appeal of your kitchen. It also has to do with the arrangement of your cabinets and appliances relative to each other and the layout design. If you are unhappy about your kitchen, there is a way to fix your problem: remodeling.

The U-shape, L-shape, double L-shape, Galley design, peninsula kitchen, G-shape, Island kitchen, and straight kitchen are among some of the most popular designs used in constructing a kitchen work triangle. This would depend on the size of your kitchen, of course. An interior decorator or a kitchen remodeler will walk you through the most suitable design for you depending on your needs, the traffic in your kitchen, and so on.

If you have a medium-size kitchen, a galley type remodel (Minneapolis) would give you the space you need to move freely because the kitchen cupboards are organized systematically. An assortment of kitchen cabinets can be added in the design. This layout has the advantage of being compact.

If youre the type who wants to be left alone when youre cooking, a kitchen layout that you might opt for when you decide to remodel (Minneapolis) your kitchen is the L-shape kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen is flexible, gives you enough space to do your cooking and it moves you away from household traffic in your kitchen.

If you pick a U-shape kitchen remodel (Minneapolis), the cabinets will be designed in such a way that the kitchen cabinets will be positioned around the cooking area, making them accessible to you.The U-shape kitchen will give you enough space for a table or an island in the middle, should you want that.

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Backyard Kitchens

Backyard Kitchens

There are three factors which will determine how you go about designing your outdoor kitchen: the amount of space that can be devoted to this gathering area; the equipmentyou want to put into it; and the size of your budget.

The earliest versions were all custom designed and way too expensive for the average homeowner. Their growing popularity has led to several less expensive versions of backyard kitchens.

It takes 2 days or more to install the full array of appliances, cabinets, and other features that are typically a part of an outdoor kitchen.

You could include a refrigerator, a sink, a dishwasher, an island, gas grill and enough storage for plates, glasses and cookware. If you scrimp on the storage, you’re going to be frustrated later. Do it right. Now you can cook in the snow if you wish.

You can carry these things to the absurd, but I have to admit that I’ve seen a few backyard kitchens that were very well done. Your design options are unlimited.

You could create a sense of casual elegance, or an old-world European atmosphere – spacious, but enclosed for privacy. What you’d think a Tuscan veranda would look like.

Okay, stop dreaming about the European thing. It’s time to get back to more mundane issues. If you can’t spend much, you can probably do an outdoor kitchen for about $ 5000. The average costis around $ 12,000, and if you wish, you can blow next year’s salary.

Things like refrigeratorshave to be certified for outdoor use. This means they will be more expensive than your interior models. Sinks should be stainless steel because they will stand up to the weather.

If you’re a BBQ purist, you’ll stick with charcoal. If you have an open mind, to go along with a large pocketbook, you can have a multi-fuel grill which can use gas, charcoal, hardwood, or any combination. And there are options available that fit between those two extremes.

Size is another choice. Men usually want huge grills. If you’re planning to entertain 10 or more people several times a year, that’s probably a good idea. If not…………

It occurs to me that you can’t cook hot dogs and hamburgers on these things. It has to be fillet mignons and lobsters or it just wouldn’t seem right.




Charles Gueli invites you to ask questions about backyard kitchens, and take advantage of the resources on www.continuous-home-improvement-help.com , where guidance, information and support are always available – helping homeowners make better decisions.


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