Team selected to redesign convention center

Team selected to redesign convention center

Team selected to redesign convention center
The team chosen by a committee of state officials working with the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet includes two design fims — HOK, using its Chicago office, and EOP of Lexington. Also on the team is architect Don Grinberg … Karen …
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Bullitt Memories | The 1937 Flood
Mom had just put a 24 lb. bag of self-rising flour in the kitchen cabinet flour bin. The water came in, and the flour did what self-rising flour is supposed to do. It rose and rose and rose until it covered half of the kitchen. Beautiful brown foamy …
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Not in the face: A guide to politicians' weird injuries and bandages
Those of us who are truly committed to the culinary arts know it's totally fine to run around your kitchen like a maniac and whack your face on stray cabinet doors. Your pain shows real dedication, so it's cool as long as you don't start crying in the …
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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

As the place where the household inevitably gathers, a kitchen needs to be as warm and welcoming as it is functional. In no other room in the home is it so important to create an environment that feels like home. The desire to make a kitchen more than just a place too cook is one of the primary reasons that kitchen renovations are so popular. Those who love to cook want their kitchen renovation to offer them function and convenience, too, with products, materials and appliances that enable them to pursue their culinary passions.

The Best Kitchen Layout

Kitchens are busy places, full of movement. When designing a new kitchen, it’s imperative to keep traffic patterns in mind. Professional designers approach kitchen layouts with one of two strategies. The traditional “triangle” approach keeps the stove, refrigerator and sink within easy reach of each other. In shared kitchens, however, a zoning approach can be more effective. When children are doing homework in one area of the kitchen, parents may not want them to have to pass hot stoves and ovens to reach the refrigerator.

The kitchen’s existing floor plan can affect the layout of kitchen renovations as well. Moving existing electrical outlets or plumbing lines can significantly add to the expense of a kitchen renovation. An experienced contractor can usually handle a small move for a sink or a stove without installing new plumbing or wiring, but unless the homeowner is determined to start from scratch, keeping existing utility lines in place is usually a good idea.

All Systems Go

Designing a kitchen requires a safe coordination of systems to accommodate a variety of appliances. An elaborate, large stove places more demands on the ventilation system than a smaller model, particularly when the renovation includes a kitchen island stove. An abundance of new kitchen cabinets means the kitchen will likely require additional lighting. The electrical system needs to be able to handle all the new appliances that the homeowner wants as well.

An Island in the Storm

A work station that can be accessed from all sides is what make kitchen islands so ideal for kitchen renovations. Many kitchen islands today have a “working” side and a “guest” side. The cook rules the working side of the island, and islands that provide the storage and appliances needed for the task at hand work best. Whether it’s a butcher block surface for food preparation or a marble countertop for baking, the materials used in a kitchen island should be chosen for function as much as they are for style. On the guest’s side, leaving room for bar stools or chairs invites family and friends to congregate comfortably.

Even in the early planning stages for a dream kitchen, getting advice from a professional designer or architect can help ensure those dreams are realized. These professionals make their living by staying up to date on all the technologies, products and materials that can turn an ordinary kitchen into something extraordinary.

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What a difference! See this Vancouver kitchen renovation on a small budget walkthrough!!! 1080p HD Quality. – Image to Reality Vancouver renovation contracto…

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Lastest Pinterest Kitchens News

Liz Biro: How to get inside a restaurant kitchen
Black horn-rimmed glasses. Blond hair. Fair complexion. Soft voice. Grant Alan Michael resembles a reclusive IT achiever who prefers to fade into a crowd. Instead, Michael's the guy who recently hustled 50 people into a restaurant kitchen that doesn't …
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Butternut Squash Soufflé Recipe
Every week, we're spotlighting a different food blogger who's shaking up the blogosphere with tempting recipes and knockout photography. This week, Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen takes center stage with a cozy butternut squash number fit for any …
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Little French Kitchen's Carrot Tarte Tatin Recipe
Apples are the traditional choice of topping for a tarte Tatin, but carrots make a delicious savory alternative. Carrots are a staple in every French household, but they are not all the same. In the Landes region of southwest France, a particular type …
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Our Voice: Bonding a likely solution for $2.4M jail renovation

Our Voice: Bonding a likely solution for .4M jail renovation
Brown County Sheriff's Deputy Nate Smith, center, and Diane Mielke, Brown County Jail head cook, fill Thanksgiving food trays for inmates and jail staff Nov. 26. The jail's kitchen is one of the areas slated for improvement in a $ 2.4 million project …

Designer decorates her first place in Atlanta
Rogers, named one of Professional Remodeler magazine's 40 Under 40 for 2014, used her design know-how to make spaces more usable, efficient and chic in her first place, while staying within a budget. She reconfigured the bathroom … “It's kind of like …
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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens
With so many different outdoor kitchen designs on hand on the open market, buyers have the opportunity to play with different elements and mix designs in order to give the kitchen of your dreams. Depending on the use of particular open-air kitchen you are looking for weather conditions in your area and kitchen designed space, you can choose anything from a traditional country kitchen look modern outdoor kitchen with a global state of art technology.

Magazines on home improvement and home design, interior design tips, planting and landscaping continually provide articles and tips on choosing a neat summer kitchen and how to cut money and still get high quality. Many of these magazines also recommend the best places to obtain price estimates and practical knowledge of well-known designers open kitchen. There are many open kitchen designers who can help develop customized open-plan kitchen, taking into account the peculiarities of each individual need, including flowers, home appliances, to all appearance and functionality.

If you consult Outdoor kitchens, you can see the end result of the fact that the kitchen will look through a computer program. Because outdoor kitchen experts when it comes to his field, you may also be able to evaluate some cherished tips and ideas on how to conduct a summer kitchen more functional.

There are things that you should keep in mind, for example, that it is effective to ensure that, before selecting a summer kitchen, you take a common sense of your budget constraints. Among knowing how much you should spend in front of the showroom open kitchen design, you’ll be less likely to spend more.

During a conversation with Outdoor kitchen and lounge sales person, make sure you remember to mention the amount of money you plan to spend on a new outdoor kitchen. There is cheap food on the market. But beware of cheap food, since they are less likely to stand the test of time. Once you have researched the company that you intend to purchase a summer kitchen, you’ll have a good idea about the quality of their kitchens and what others say about them.

Do your research and look around, some places are much cheaper for the same products or styles of cuisine. Never commit yourself to the first kitchen, you see. Ask questions about food, such as the type of warranty offered on appliances or worktops, how long it will take to finish and installation overhead affiliates when it plays a role in the kitchen or an open account, they will be extra.

Choose a summer kitchen carefully and you’ll enjoy the freedom of eating outdoors on summer nights and entertaining your guests, featuring the brand of your fresh summer kitchen.

Free outdoor kitchen design and planning services. Get a free outdoor kitchen kit with samples. We deliver outdoor kitchens packages nationwide and offer free shipping. Weatherproof outdoor kitchen cabinets last a lifetime.

Let’s face it, things can look easier on Pinterest than they are in real life. Not to worry, our Food Network Kitchen can help you recover from your food-rel…
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