From gold to wood to cowhide: Hottest trends for your home in 2015

From gold to wood to cowhide: Hottest trends for your home in 2015
The bed that harkens back to centuries past has gotten a sleek, modern makeover. Once heavy and ornate with … At first glance, it appears to be a refrigerator from a bygone era, but this cabinet at HD Buttercup, a sprawling home furnishings store in …
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Most insidious diet breaker: snacks at your desk
For all those vowing to shed pounds in the New Year, skip the kitchen cleanout and turn your focus to a more insidious source of weight gain: Your workspace. It turns out, the office — where many adults spend … In other words, people snack at work …
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49 Genius Tricks to Organize Your Home From Top to Bottom
30. Use good quality retired furniture for kitchen storage … This trick is perfect for cleaning supplies under your sink, condiments in a cupboard, glass vases stored in a closet — anything and anywhere! … And giving it a chic makeover turns …
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Building a Dream: Berwyn Kitchen and Bath owners, from Albania, make a new

Building a Dream: Berwyn Kitchen and Bath owners, from Albania, make a new
Building a Dream: Berwyn Kitchen and Bath owners, from Albania, make a new life in America. Published: Monday, December 22, … Luli, meanwhile, stayed home with her children, Ardi, then 4, and Anxhela, 7 months old. Then Luli began to work part-time …
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A Boomer Recipe for Domesticity
Guess what I found when clearing out a kitchen cabinet to prepare for a small remodel after 40+ years of living in my house? Baking Fun and Facts for … Coming home at the end of a long day, both parents struggle to put together a meal for the kids …
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Remodeling Your Home – Free Advice From the Experts!

Remodeling Your Home – Free Advice From the Experts!

There’s an upside to the economic downturn. Are you thinking of remodeling instead of building? Now is a great time.
I would caution you, however. Tackle a home improvement for the right reasons and do it with style. And by that I mean that it’s more important now than ever to put serious thought into function, aesthetics, and quality.
Gone are the days when you can just get an idea, throw it up, and increase the home’s value.
Good Reasons to Remodel Today
Reasons for your home improvement are personal. And I’m in agreement that you should get what you want and need when you remodel your home. But, there are always trade-offs in building so it is vital to evaluate your goals.
What are you really trying to achieve? Take some time to list everything that you’ve been wanting. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You just need more room for a growing family or in-laws
You want to give your home a face-lift for added value
You want to create space for entertaining
You want to add the luxury components that you’ve always wanted
You need to add a bathroom, laundry, or expand the kitchen

Now, go deeper. I advise you to expand on the broader goals and include all the things you want within those goals. This will help both you and any professionals you talk with later.
Whatever your personal goals are, the next step is to list the reasons for them and then prioritize them. When you prioritize, you have a good basis from which to analyze which things you may wish to eliminate when push comes to shove. When remodeling, there are constraints due to money, time, design problems and other issues that arise.
Which Experts and Why Are They so Valuable?
If you’ve followed my work, you know that I’m all for the owner builder and the do-it-yourselfer. I believe in people, their abilities, and their passions. But, you probably also know that I believe in getting expert advise and professional help along the way. Here are some experts to consider talking with:

Home Interior Designers
Feng Shui Home Design Experts
Architects & Residential designers
Structural Engineers
Design & Build General Contractors
Remodeling Contractors

Experts provide value. Experts keep us out of trouble. They can pass along years of experience that the layman couldn’t possibly have. We pay them for their services yes, but we can also benefit from their free advice.
Experts Are Looking For Work … And Giving Away Ideas
Now that you know what experts are out there and you are armed with your list of goals and priorities, you can start calling and meeting with them. They do want to help. Most are willing to discuss your plans and give you advice. Be up front with them. Tell them you’re planning and preparing. They’ll want to give you ideas to earn your business.
The ideas and help you receive can really help you clarify your goals and get you moving forward. And you just may find a valuable professional to work with at the same time.
So, don’t let the doom and gloom get you down. Life goes on. Your home is your castle. Create your dream with a well-planned remodel.

You can learn so much more about home building and remodeling online. One great option is to take advantage of a very informative yet simple to follow *free* e-course that you can find by clicking here You will also find other tips and tools, surveys, videos, and additional articles by Mel Inglima.

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Clutter? Tips from pros to help you regain control of your stuff

Clutter? Tips from pros to help you regain control of your stuff
When friends visited after our remodel, one room was guaranteed to induce cries of pleasure worthy of “The Affair,” the steamy new Showtime series. There was the “Oh yes!” at the cabinetry, followed by the “Oh gosh!” at the hooks and finally “Heaven …
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Make your house pet-friendly
As part of a major kitchen renovation, Hannah and Jason Wise wanted to incorporate some pet-friendly features for their top dog. The couple, who relocated from Alabama to the Atlanta area with their two young daughters and a seven-year-old boxer, …
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